Hotel Croce Bianca - Livigno

Hotel Croce Bianca - Livigno - Regeln Hotel (Deu)


Hotel Croce Bianca - Livigno - Regole dell'Hotel (Ita)


Rules of the hotel

You love to stay in small but beautiful hotel, popular housing where he managed to guide you without a compass and you enjoy the personal atmosphere in a''jewel'' furnished with love?

Reules of the Hotel.

Please do not damage or remove items at your disposal. The customer will pay any damages for each voluntarily damaged and removed.

In order to maintain the rooms as long as possible, these were classified NO SMOKING. Of course you can smoke on the balcony and in the spaces provided. The next guest will thank you.

All rooms have safes. For any theft or loss the management declines all responsibility.

Prohibited by law, to ensure the security and peace of other guests, access to rooms for people who are not hotel guests. Guests can receive their friends and relatives on the ground floor of the hotel, bar or restaurant.

It'may not bring your own food or drinks in the restaurant.

Warning: please respect the other guests, from 23.00 to 07.00 We ask you not to disturb the sleep and quiet at night.

The guests are invited to make their party in the pub or bar in Livigno is explicitly prohibited the parties in hotel rooms, on pain of expulsion.